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Dear Sirs / Madams,

I work this site …

  • I come from a very small country in Europe.

I live a normal life with my parents and my sister. My parents work for an ordinary salary. My sister creates accessories and I was a student, but now I got my degree.

I am a graduated Wellness advisor. I have started working on my computer recently and I have spent most of my days on a computer. I ended up gaining a lot of weight because I wasn’t moving at all. I even ate in front of my computer! I eventually realized what I had done and I decided to take the matters into my own hands. I started leading a healthy life every day and I disciplined myself.

I started to eat healthy food, drink various liquids and I also started to visit different healthy food sites, full of healthy everyday habits.

Those sites changed my life and made me think that what I did for my life was very wrong and it could have great consequences for my health. I was really focused and concentrated. I believed in myself and I got excellent results in a very short time!

I want to share my experience with everyone who has had a problem with excess of kilograms as well as various other things like: stress, alternative medicine etc.

I believe that there are many people that will be extremely grateful to me for sharing my personal experience.


  • This life changing experience gave me the idea to create a site www.dailyhealthymood.com  on which I will attach new articles every day that will be checked by a nutritionist and confirmed by a medical team.

I’ve gathered the team at the same time I’ve decided to create the page. They will give their permission to apply and share all I have to Your readers.

You will get different information every day. They will be important for You to have a healthy life, smile, have a lot of energy, offer health tips, various recipes that you can use well and are worth a lot.

You just have to follow us every day and we will surely supply You with new articles every day that will be extremely beneficial to everyone.

We are already a team which includes various nutritionists and specialists from other areas of nutrition.

Our purpose is for everyone to be healthy and vital with an improved quality of life and that’s not very complicated isn’t it?

Eat healthy food, drink a lot of liquids, because YOU ARE what you intake!

Yours sincerely,